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Who inherits your blog when you die?

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So, who does get your blog when you die?

Ah, you hadn’t thought of that, had you? No, me neither, and a bit of a strange subject to post for Valentine’s Day one might think, but I got to thinking about Bronnie, the people I love and Valentine’s Days past, present and, hopefully, future. A ponder which mind mapped into the things that nurture and ground me.

Since Bronnie’s death, my blog has become my sounding board and succour. My children cannot fulfil that role entirely as we are not peers; my family and friends, yes, to a certain extent. But then there is the creative, alone time side of me only Bronnie truly saw and which I would hesitate to wake anyone else up at 2.17 am to share. Yes, typically, I would have woken Bronnie up to tell him I was still awake, but now I grab my laptop and write…and my trusty blog is always there.

So what would I want to happen to it when I die?

Well, the first decision to be made is whether the blog should be kept going or put quietly to sleep.

Since these pages will go some way to informing my children and their children of my authentic self, I would like it to at least be accessible, even if no-one wanted to continue to write in this deceased blogger’s pages. A legacy if you will. (And talking of Wills, another area where our intentions for our blog could be made clear.)

If the blog is not to be given a lethal injection, there is perhaps only two of my children I can think of at present who might actually want to carry on the blog. However, given that our views and perspectives change as we mature, I would leave the option open for all of them to inhabit some space on the blog if they so wished.

But whether the blog is relinquished or is to carry on, the question of blog housekeeping, internet providers for the blog and passwords, et al, must needs be tackled in an efficient manner. For that we’ll need to select someone and provide them with instructions. Although…I recently came across an online solution to the problem (which I haven’t tried out, admittedly) called ‘Dead Man’s Switch’.

To quote…

This is how [it] works. You write a few e-mails and choose the recipients. These emails are stored securely, so you can be sure that no-one except the intended recipient will ever read them. Your switch will email you every so often, asking you to show that you are fine by clicking a link. If something were to… happen… to you, your switch would then send the emails you wrote to the recipients you specified. Sort of an “electronic will”, one could say.


The emails are sent at certain intervals. By default, the switch will email you 30, 45, and 52 days after you last showed signs of life. If you don’t respond to any of those emails, all your messages will be sent 60 days after your last checkin. Of course, you can have your switch postpone its activation (if, for example, you’ll be away for some time) by telling it to not try to contact you for a specified period of time. The service will resume normally after however many days have passed. In the default example, if you specify a delay of 10 days, the emails will be sent after 40, 55, and 62 days, while your messages will be sent after 70 days.


Yessss…you’re way ahead of me.

I love technology, but I can just imagine some crisis or other pre-occupation keeping me away from clicking the ‘I’m not dead’ link and some poor bugger(s) being advised of my death. As it is the nearest we will probably ever get to being invisible, it might be fun to see who goes out and celebrates immediately and who wrings hands and rends shirts. I know my children will be out selling the good furniture faster than you can say ‘false alarm’. I’m joking, kids. (Maybe.)

Interesting, though, isn’t it? Given the years of writing which will probably go into our blogs before we leave this mortal coil, it is a question we should perhaps take seriously. What is to happen to this legacy…this chronicling of a life?
So, if you heart your blog, my question stands this Valentine’s Day 2013. Who gets your blog when you die?



This post would not be complete without respectful mention of Kerry of the Multiple Mummy blog, and the loving tribute her husband paid not only to her life, but to his wife’s love of her writing and blogging life. RIP, Kerry.