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When this fool rushed in

HerMelness - Joker playing card

For someone who is not easily surprised or taken in, one April Fool’s Day I was surprised and easily taken in by my four children.

It began with my daughter ringing me at work gushing the news that her older brother had announced his engagement on Facebook, and wasn’t that great, Mum?

No it wasn’t great as evidenced by the head of steam I had built up in the time it took me to stab out her brother’s mobile number. I got the answering machine. 

“Hey, you, I just received a confusing message from your sister that you’ve announced your engagement on Facebook. Of course I told her she must be mistaken, because no way would you do anything of the kind without letting me know first.”

Meanwhile my daughter calls back and leaves her own message urging me to forgive her brother, and was I really thinking of boycotting the wedding?

Wedding? What wedding? The upstart hadn’t even bothered to let me know he was engaged never mind me going hat shopping. I gave my daughter short shrift and returned to my work desk slamming everything within reach.

The next call from the children is the one where they are all shouting “APRIL’S FOOL!” down the phone, barely able to get the words out as they choke on their laughter.

They told me later they had planned to turn the heat up on the joke every hour or so during the day, but that I had taken the bait and just ran with it. This negated the need for them to do anything more than just watch me implode.

But I have a cunning plan this year to get my own back. I may fake my own funeral. That’ll teach ’em. Although the laugh would be on me again if none of them came…