Black Widow Chronicles

Struggle is only romantic when viewed from a comfortable armchair?

Coming soon movie poster

Oh, it’s great!

It’s about a woman left widowed with four children who starts the business she and her late husband were working on before he died, but along the way is betrayed by a girlfriend and duped by the marketing company working with her.

However, she picks herself up, gets a teaching job and puts the house on the market to start a new beginning with the children. Meanwhile, the ceiling falls in (literally), the house is flooded and all has to be put right before being handed over to the realtors managing the place.

The insurance company won’t come through and her bank of 30 years too will not bend a slight rule to help her. However, an overseas family member comes to the rescue.

One day when she is out getting some groceries, accompanied by her youngest son and a girlfriend (not the girlfriend who betrayed her earlier in the plot), near tragedy strikes when two suspected drunk teenagers swerve their car into the supermarket car park at high speed and come within an inch of killing her.

Her son, previously diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (possibly triggered from dormancy by the death of his father) witnesses his mother’s near death. He gets up a head of steam and tries to pursue his mother’s would-be killers, potentially getting himself embroiled in a worse situation. However, the drivers quickly take off, again at high speed, before number plates can be captured. Interestingly, they change drivers before screeching away!

Not interesting enough, though, for the bureaucratic supermarket management who will do nothing until the victims first report the incident to the police. A party line given without much regard for the near tragedy that took place on their own premises.

Mother and son spend a week getting over the shock, the family pick themselves up and go at their lives again.

The story is lifted and punctuated by colourful family and friends who weave in and out of the story in starring or cameo roles, while her children grow up, do well at school and universities and get good jobs.

Meanwhile, the children watch their mother go from highly private individual to social media maven. As an antidote to insomnia, she takes up blogging, writing about her life’s experiences to make sense of an unplanned life – accidentally helping other widows along the way. She also works on the children’s book she wrote years ago for her own children when they were younger.

At her day job, interest is expressed in taking her company into a social enterprise for education.

It ends with a graduation and a surprise visit from overseas.

I think I’ll get this, it sounds like a cracker. Wonder if they’ll make a sequel?

The Black Widow