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Restaurant pays parents for dining out with well behaved children

Restaurant bill for well behaved children

An upscale Italian restaurant in Poulsbo, Washington, paid parents Laura and Chris King for dining out with children who were well behaved during the course of their meal. So impressed was the restaurant, they took $4.00 off the final bill. (Source: New York Daily News)

Said the Kings, “They were just being their normal selves,” but appreciated the random act of kindness.

I’ve definitely missed a money making trick here since, on the whole, my children have impeccable manners and dine out well. Oh, except for that time, maybe, my son crawled under the table with a lit candle and refused to come out for his chicken dinner on the basis he had been promised Pizza.

Which begs a question.

If we get into the game of restaurants paying for our children’s good manners, doesn’t it follow we could soon be penalised or taxed in restaurants when our children behave…like children. Nothing to do with their manners…or upbringing (which is the implied subtext), just that children can be contrary.

Based on that logic, my son would probably have cost me a cool £100 by the time he decided to behave in that restaurant. Although…if his mood and manners were exemplary from then on might I be able to recoup some of my losses?

You see, it’s a slippery slope.

I think Mr Restaurant I’d prefer you to do your job of serving food and dealing with sometimes difficult customers, and not reward children for what they should be doing as a matter of…course.

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