Real love is not like the movies

Dead roses in vase

Real love doesn’t have to look like the movies, and we can come away from the love we see in movies and hold our relationships up to that same mirror. Little wonder, then, that so many Valentine’s Days end in tears and recrimination.

Frankly, I’d be hard pushed to remember a Valentine’s Day Bronnie got right. Let me see. The burnt breakfasts; the lukewarm romantic baths with some sort of snake oil floating on top; the ‘surprise’ gift carelessly left on his desk (with the receipt); the roses that had to be given last rites…I could go on but, hey, he meant well. A phrase I came to loathe.

If he meant well why couldn’t he do well? As women we go out of our way to ensure it unnecessary for the Fire Brigade to join a romantic breakfast; that a romantic hot bath is, well, hot; surprise gifts remain hidden until the big reveal; and any plant life is not dead with the receipt still dangling from it. How hard can it be?

Too hard.

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