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You can only take five memories with you

On the writing magazine I run, we recently set a writing prompt which has provoked more of an emotional response than any other we have set in the past. The premise is: “You are being shipped to an island, but can only take five memories with you.”

I have sat down several times to tackle this writing prompt but, like many others, soon sit back from the screen realising, “Gosh, this is hard.” I started again this weekend by making a list of every notable moment in my life. These moments currently fill a large notebook, so Lord only knew how I was going to pick only five.

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Happy anniversary to me

Happy 59th birthday and, of course, 19th wedding anniversary Bronnie. It still makes me laugh that we got married on your birthday. Do you remember I wasn’t going to tell you even? I wish I could remember now who counselled that as fun as it might be for me to give you a surprise wedding, just no. They were right, you always did love the run-up to one of our legendary parties.

And our wedding day was such a great day, wasn’t it. So great most people forget that it rained buckets on that 11th day of June in our English country garden. A slight kicker given we had a panicked day before that the weather was so hot the marquee might melt on our guests. Got to love that English weather.

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My daughter, Morgan, at 21

Not going to lie, I have found it incredibly hard to write this tribute to my daughter, Morgan, on this her 21st birthday. Usually words would have been formed maybe a week beforehand, but here I am at roughly 6:00 am on the day of her birth with a mostly blank screen.

And I don’t know why.

I go to start and the years that have passed since I gave birth to Morgan Cynthia Fargo come crashing down and stifle my words.

Morgan Fargo with Robbie, Tess and HartYes, I could reiterate the beauty of Morgan. Her different and measured way of seeing the world. Her fierce loyalty where she places her love. Her strong sense of family and family ties. The deep love she has for her siblings Robbie, Tess and Hart.

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On Reflection

Paint me happy

There is a moment, a nano-second, when deciding to re-decorate an apartment makes sense to you. My moment was a day before work when I sat in my favourite armchair drinking my one and only cup of coffee for the day.

It’s the time I take stock, think about the day ahead, stop thinking about the day ahead, and just sit for 15 minutes. It’s the time in the day I call up gratitude and mind all the things, places and people I am grateful to have in my life. It didn’t occur to me two weeks ago to be effing grateful for a well-ordered apartment in which I could sit, drink coffee and navel gaze.

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