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Blog a word - mask

Writing for National November Blog Post Month 2013
Social media allows you to mask parts of your personality and show others.
What percentage of yourself do you think you reveal to people online?

Masking parts of who we are (or are not) is not peculiar to social media. Perhaps the main difference is the lack of body language and other human ticks to clue us up earlier as to whom we might really be dealing with.

Eventually, though, who we are must reveal itself – especially in the medium of words. One of the reasons I caution new bloggers to be careful to whom anonymity is important.

We are revealed in our words – even the ones we leave out – and easily ‘outed’ to people who know us well. It is hard to hide behind words for long as they are not that easily manipulated. Words being a major component of social media.

At some stage, conscious caution is left behind as our heart begs to be revealed in what we say.

To answer the question: we must necessarily keep something back if we are to continue to grow and learn who we are before someone else jumps in and tries to tell us. I would say, then, that 60% of who I really am is revealed through my words on social media.