Older Age

Life does not begin at forty, but it doesn’t end there either (#Post40Bloggers)

Forty plus blackboard

In our youth obsessed culture, straplines like ‘Life begins at 40’ and similar are understandable (inevitable?).

And when I was younger and gonna live forever, the only old people (over 22) I came up against were in charge of me in some way, and certainly did not form part of my social circle – fabulous or otherwise.

The internet, social media and blogging changed things for the new brood of young ‘uns.

The differing ages socialise and fight in equal measure across the social media divide. Ageless people just being people with people insights, people highs and people lows. Some of these people blog about their highs and lows and thus become more than just people. They become people with that great distinction. They are bloggers. Bloggers of all ages.

And it is not until this blogging collective gather together then differences become apparent.

Last weekend at the superb annual blogging conference that is BritMumsLive!, the gathered men and women revelled in meeting their own. We talked, ate, slept and drank blogging for a day and a half. No eye rolls; no anyone hovering in the background waiting for you to finish with ‘those people’ on the internet; no no-one wanting nuffink whilst you honed your latest post. Just glorious, fabulous, sensational bloggers.  They were ‘our people’ as @BritMums poignantly said last week for those who were nervous about attending the event for the first time.

And they were our people.

But within that commonality, there was further comfort in meeting those bloggers who were even more like us beyond our passion for the written word.

My further people were the bloggers my age and over who had already lived (or barely survived) what the mostly mums at the conference were currently experiencing and the majority blogging about. My people were the bereaved. My people were the writers of colour. In those groups, I found succour in speaking with people ‘who knew’.

And that is the only way I can explain it.

It’s not about not wanting to socialise with younger bloggers, the non-bereaved or only bloggers of a certain ethnicity. Never that. It’s just a deep-breath-out feeling being with like-minded people who understand ‘our’ particular shorthand. No explanation is needed, and there is liberation in that. Hence the birth of ‘Post 40 Bloggers’ (#Post40Bloggers). A community of bloggers (or wannabe bloggers) aged 40 and over finding each other…and find each other we have started to do. The hashtag had barely been built yesterday and they came. The older blogger had found their people.

People who want to continue the conversation on the other side of sore nipples, sleepless nights and projectile vomit. That is not to say the older parent in the baby trenches is not welcome – just that the majority of #Post40Bloggers will have evolved past babydom. That said, as we will be looking for key editors across a range of topics, your experience as an older parent could definitely form an interesting niche within the network. (See how flexible people past 40 can be? I know.)

Where there is a lack of flexibility will be in the quality of the material we publish. As a group, we make no apology for requiring the best of ourselves and the material we put out there. If grammar, spelling and all that jazz is not your shtick, not a worry. Accept only that pieces submitted may be subject to edit to show them off to their best advantage. We’re certainly not afraid of mistakes, we all make them. We just don’t want to be mistaken for the group with low publishing standards.

So, that was just some background and an explanation as to how the #Post40Bloggers came about. A group pro those aged 40 and over wanting to network within that forum of people.

A forum of savvy, post 40 year olds who want to find each other and, on being found, be heard.

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