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Keep Calm and Hit her? A message for my younger readers

Keep calm and hit her T-shirt

Keep calm and hit her?

I have just seen this particular T-shirt after being heartened to learn from an update on the I Am Typecast blog, that Amazon UK has withdrawn the ‘Keep Calm and Rape…’ clothing merchandise. Although at this time of writing, Amazon US still had the ‘Keep Calm and Hit Her’ T-shirt for sale.

This post of course adds to the outrage many people feel about this particular line of clothing, but is also a message to the young people who follow HerMelness and her voices.

This is not okay.

Not in any shape or diluted form. There are no mitigating circumstances and no defence to having a message such as this emblazoned across your chest. Yes, there are other voices a plenty you will hear decrying the outrage as getting on some sort of bandwagon against Amazon.

This is not about Amazon and purchasing policies which saw this merchandise go live. This is about advocating violence against women and on which you would be asked to keep calm and carry on.

You are the buying power of the future. Do not be seduced by PR and marketing, and companies who attempt to reach a trendy buying public with ill-advised products and slogans.

Again, this is not about Amazon. This is about your boyfriend, father, husband, brother, cousin or other male hitting you.

And young men it is in turn about you being persuaded that that is okay.

It is not okay.

MISs Make It Stop!