Happy anniversary to me

HerMelness - Basi and Bronnie

Happy 59th birthday and, of course, 19th wedding anniversary Bronnie. It still makes me laugh that we got married on your birthday. Do you remember I wasn’t going to tell you even? I wish I could remember now who counselled that as fun as it might be for me to give you a surprise wedding, just no. They were right, you always did love the run-up to one of our legendary parties.

And our wedding day was such a great day, wasn’t it. So great most people forget that it rained buckets on that 11th day of June in our English country garden. A slight kicker given we had a panicked day before that the weather was so hot the marquee might melt on our guests. Got to love that English weather.

I’m not sure what the weather has in store today, but I will go out later and commemorate our day, maybe do something quintessentially American. Although living in Norfolk, that might have to be limited to buying my fruit and vegetables from the market stall using a fake American accent.

I will also buy a decadent abundance of flowers and spread them around the apartment, remembering the many floral delights you once delighted me with.

But to celebrate your birthday, I give you the gift of a family still intact and flourishing – even under the cloud of your absence and life’s inevitable curveballs (more of that later).

Spoke to your mum (Mom) last night, which prompted me to find this fun picture of the two of you together. She misses you. I miss you. But, as always, you know that.

Happy birthday, my love. Mx