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Great bosses can be the key to career progression

Horrible bosses

Overhearing their conversation, I inwardly sympathised with the two young people who were dreading returning to work after the Christmas break.

Apparently their boss was a “bleep, bleep, bleep” who shouldn’t be in charge of a wall plug let alone people.

It reminded me of when I was a young employee (around 1809) and also unhappy at work.

Today things are different. There are rules and regulations to protect employees (and employers) in the workplace. However, that does not negate some bosses making life very uncomfortable for those they are charged with supervising.

And I use the word supervising deliberately because that is what all good bosses do. They supervise, guide and teach. Mistakes are also addressed, but done in such a way that the employee feels empowered to keep striving to do their best – not live in fear of making mistakes. Fear of making mistakes stops us from making anything.

My one dodgy job aside, I have also worked for the most wonderful of bosses and mentors, and it is their influence which left the greatest mark and progressed my career.

There will always be ‘horrible bosses’, but it is important we too are mindful of not turning into horrible employees.

If the job is really getting you down and changing your naturally sunny disposition – change it. Not easily done in these days of recession, I get that. However, one can still look for alternative employment whilst still in that imperfect workplace.

So, if resolutions must be made in 2014, let it be that we refuse to settle for inferior bosses and seek out those who will supervise, guide and teach us how to be better employees.

Melinda Fargo

writing for The Eastern Daily Press
Originally entitled: ‘Horrible Bosses’

This post is dedicated to Stan and Molly.