The Holidays

Good news, the Easter Bunny didn’t die on the cross. Phew!

Jesus and the Easter Bunny

In a lively debate (argument) this week, a group of us parents were weighing up the pros and cons of telling children the truth about The Easter Bunny. When was too young to let the little people know that the confectionery conferring rabbit was a con?

Meanwhile, a study has revealed a generation of children (and parents) with no clue of the stories forming the basis of Christianity. Indeed, many children did not know the story of Jesus’ birth, and confused the dude Noah with a character from that other Good Book, Harry Potter.

And what part has strident political correctness in our schools had to play in this lack of understanding? In embracing all faiths and beliefs equally all of the time, have we colluded in confusing imparting knowledge with religious indoctrination?

But need any of this be a problem?

Are our children at a disadvantage for not knowing that some hold that Jesus was born, died and rose again – and that these stories are housed in something called The Bible?

And isn’t it eminently do-able, even as the staunchest Christian, to have a little fun at Easter while keeping Jesus’ resurrection as the focus of the festivities?

No, none of it need be a problem, except as it pertains to that other ‘E’ word – education.

Children should know the basis upon which holidays are celebrated or observed for the sake of education in its own right. An education which can include the mythical Easter Bunny, Father Christmas, Tooth Fairy and yes, for some, Jesus.

So, is the question whether the Easter Bunny exists, or whether our children leave such a discussion understanding that for there to be (or not be) such a one, Easter would have had to exist in the first place?

This should naturally lead on to the question of “What is Easter, Mummy/Daddy?” and have us hop to it to try and answer that question for ourselves before we even think about nailing the Easter Bunny to the cross.

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