Black Widow Chronicles

Five years

Bronson Hart Fargo Jr
Bronson Hart Fargo Jr. 11 June 1957 - 15 January 2010

Today is the anniversary of Bronnie’s death – five years.

I am not working today and spending the day with one of my daughters.

I tried to explain to a colleague this week that I do not mark this day to be sad necessarily, but to take time to stop for a moment to respect someone who so deeply impacted my life. A day to remember, whether through laughter or tears, through words said or not said, that years ago today someone special was taken away.

Bronnie deserves that.

In that way, then, there is no ‘working through the stages of grief’ to be done today, although maybe we should consider there is another stage of grief. Mindfulness.

This stage, for me at least, is where everything I do, whether consciously or self-consciously, is to keep Bronnie proud of me and true to the woman he married. To be mindful of not taking for granted the family we made and became together in Jody, Robbie, Tess, Morgan and Hart.

About being mindful of someone who changed my life.

RIP, Bronnie.