The morning routine

The morning routine begins with vowing the night before I will not wake up before 5.30 am. That I will be a normal person and wake up 30 minutes late for work and throw the alarm clock at the wall and go back to sleep. Except I’m up at some Godforsaken hour as usual and up and doing before you can ask ‘WTF happened to the dark hours?’

I pad to the kitchen, anxious not to wake my daughter who has a tendency to start screaming when woken at that hour, and try to make a cup of black coffee silently. Who knew coffee grains being carefully spooned into a cup could make such a racket?

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EDP Column, Work

Great bosses can be the key to career progression

Overhearing their conversation, I inwardly sympathised with the two young people who were dreading returning to work after the Christmas break.

Apparently their boss was a “bleep, bleep, bleep” who shouldn’t be in charge of a wall plug let alone people.

It reminded me of when I was a young employee (around 1809) and also unhappy at work.

Today things are different. There are rules and regulations to protect employees (and employers) in the workplace. However, that does not negate some bosses making life very uncomfortable for those they are charged with supervising.

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We need to talk about Kev’

Having recently posted that no-one could make me laugh like Bronnie, the universe conferred and gave me Kev*.

Kevin doesn’t make me laugh quite the way Bronnie did, assuredly, but he has an earnestness to everything he says which makes my laughter involuntarily gurgle up as he discourses on anything and everything. Yes, Kev is his most hilarious when he is being his most serious, and our discourses usually take place towards the end of the working day as I try to get on so I can get out.

Kevin first made me laugh when he sprayed disinfectant around my work surface and came alarmingly close to my laptop. The conversation turned in a nano-second to the poor quality of electronics today as though it were perfectly natural to lob 2 litres of Mr Muscle at a computer and expect it to work thereafter.

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On Reflection, Work

12 steps to a better ‘To Do’ list

If you are anything like me (OCD tendencies with mild psychotic leanings), you like order and a set way of doing things. You like the ‘To Do’ list.

I like The To Do list so much that if I achieve something that wasn’t on the To Do list, I will write it on the To Do List in order to tick it off the To Do list. I’m not so crazy as to write it on the To Do list, do the task all over again, THEN tick it off the To Do list. That would be ultra crazy madness… wouldn’t it?

But I kinda, sorta, maybe, perhaps realised the To Do list thing was out of hand when I read my latest list entry.

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