Hello Thirteen, this is Twelve’s mother calling

Hello, Thirteen.

Do you know it suddenly occurred to me that, while you and I have come across each other three times over the past 20 years, we have never actually been formally introduced. Hah! Understandable though as raising children leaves little time for scratching of arses, never mind scratching out new acquaintances. But since this will be my last time of meeting you with a twelve year old in tow, I thought to write a quick note by way of hello.

So, hello, again.

How are you?

Busy I expect. I dread to think how many young people you have on your docket to orienteer from 12 to 13 tomorrow.

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Sometimes life is just not that into you

As we have struggled through our own family tragedy, I have recently realised that I did not trot out the usual ‘It’s All In The Plan Speech.’ What plan? Whose plan? And if there was a plan, couldn’t a kinder one have been chosen?

No, instead, I have been content to let the children know that, sometimes, unspeakable hurt cannot be tidily explained away. A course of action which has, inevitably maybe, garnered some detractors.

But then I remember this is how the children have always been raised so why should death be treated differently.

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Happy birthday Bronnie

Bronson Hart Fargo Jr. 11 June 1957 - 15 January 2010

Hey, love.

Happy birthday.

We are all ‘okay’.

We miss you.

I miss you.

I am not okay.

But you know that.

We love you.


Happy 16th birthday, Morgan

Well, we made it. Against all the odds you are 16 years old and I’m not in prison. We are both to be congratulated I think.

I know it sucks having to do exams on such an important birthday, but then again when you are President of a small country somewhere, you will look back and be thankful. Or I’ll look back and be thankful. Someone will look back and be thankful – it doesn’t really matter if it isn’t you.

I know Dad would be so proud of us both. No blood and him not here to referee. Maybe I have learnt some of his wisdom in choosing the battles, and you in not throwing down the gauntlet at Every. Given. Blessed. Opportunity.

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