8-year old boy marries 61-year old woman

Photo credit: Dimakatso Modipa/Barcroft Media

An eight-year old South African boy (Sanele Masilela) married a 61 year old woman (Helen Shabangu) after the ghost of his dead grandfather told him to do so. (Source: The Independent)

Who says children don’t obey their elders any more?

And as though this story needed any more…of anything really, we learn that Helen is already married and has five children (not including the one she’s just finished marrying), all aged between 27 and 37 and that the wedding ‘had the blessing’ of Helen’s current husband.

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Has Chivalry’s life support machine been turned off?

Admittedly, I didn’t visit him often, being able to pull out chairs and open doors for myself, but when I popped my head in recently Chivalry wasn’t looking as robust as I had once known him to be.

Recent episodes of men charging through doors before me, or trampling me down with their size 14’s to catapult themselves into the only available seat on a bus or train, are a couple of examples why Chivalry may have been wheezing and gasping for much needed oxygen.

Appalling behaviour.

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Grandma, what sharp teeth you have!

“Mum, what do you want your Grandchildren to call you?”

Excuse me a moment while I find out if this is my child’s way of telling me she is pregnant, because if it is I’m going to have to insist on her finding a different way.

Nope, false alarm. This was just one of the many idle questions The Gibberish Generation tend to throw at me when they can find no-one else to persecute on a too hot Summer’s day.

It did get me thinking, though…and I have plumped for ‘HerMelness’.

“No, mum. What about ‘Grandma?’”

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Are leap year marriage proposals romantic or pressure?

For all my sarcastic musings, many of you will have guessed I am a romantic at heart. But now that I have a few miles on the clock, I am also a romantic AND a pragmatist.

I came to realise this about myself recently when hearing the song ‘All The Things Your Man Won’t Do’ by the artist Joe. As an idealistic young woman that song would have implied earth rattling sex. As a not so young woman, it now more likely means him taking out the rubbish bins when they are full to overflowing.

So why am I musing about this, today? Because today is Wednesday 29th February 2012 in a Leap Year. A special day by all accounts where anything is possible, including women proposing to men.

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