Blog a Word, People


Since I would like my new one word blog index to be fairly representative, let’s deal with racism early on.

I am black.

Here are a random 99 other things I am: wordsmith funny satirical sarcastic original humorous writer blogger reflective intelligent warm optimistic cheerful esoteric listener speaker inviting comforting wise witty anecdotal inspirational mentoring professional innovative irreverent passionate kind thoughtful personable likeable energetic cyclist storyteller reader candid truthful fair older impatient tidy perfectionist demanding emotional understanding petite outspoken assertive logical numerate literate thinker cultured studious loving mother widow private colourful organised bereaved imperfect regretful forgiving fearless fearful challenging unforgiving sad inventive technical mindful mindless stubborn brave strong exciting excitable judgmental nurturing snob longsighted envisioning trustworthy leader forgetful angry bereft grieving rhythmic ironic caustic hopeful religious daughter sister niece cousin friend.

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Blog a Word, People


My love of words and letters is well known. As is my admiration for Mr Denzel Washington. Not an adequate defence, apparently, for the type of letters one might send to Mr Washington asking him for a signed, naked photo doing something inventive with a Chrysanthemum and a tub of Vaseline.

No, those sorts of letters beget more formal letters from non-Denzel lookalikes, brandishing words like ‘Queen’s Counsel’ emblazoned atop their shortsighted 200gsm Vellum missives.

Nasty, Recorded Delivery papers ‘to be signed for’ or, in the American vernacular, ‘served’ to you. No doubt in order that one may eat one’s words.

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Would you ask a commuter to play with your baby?

On the bus home earlier in the week, my mind, as it often does, ruminated a trying day (where I had tried my best and everyone else tried their best to be trying). In this reflective state (cloud cuckoo land), I typically don’t notice my fellow commuters except in a vague peripheral kinda way.

Cue someone poking me in the peripheral to gain my attention.

Me: Hi?

Mother: The baby is trying to get your attention.

Me: Uh, what?

Mother: My baby is trying to get your attention.

Me: Oh, do I owe it money?

Mother: What?

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