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Not holding out for a hero

Imagine. You’re on public transport and someone lights a cigarette, blowing a cocktail of carcinogens and nicotine into the air of your bus, tube or train.

Who are you?

(a)       the person trying to catch the offender’s eye so you can give them the most cutting of looks – before looking away quickly in case they see you giving them the most cutting of looks;

(b)       the person looking around for the red emergency handle because you know shit’s going to go down;

(c)        the tut-tutting person who doesn’t look up but needs to make their displeasure known; or

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Airport police, big guns and Doreen

Ma'am take those bracelets off, now!

Finally got through airport security and now sat hiding in plain sight people watching.

A people watcher, in an airport, with a laptop to hand. Pig. In. Shit. or what?

Although I’m still reeling a little from the ‘pat down’ Doreen just gave me. This woman was so up close and personal, she was practically wearing my bra. And is it true these guys (Doreen might have been a guy) are now allowed to do their patting inside the waistband? I might have chanced asking Doreen the question but for her buddies with the big guns.

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You don’t know Emma*, but I wish she did

Seeing her sad and frustrated tweets and other social media updates, I want to gift her almost by osmosis the wisdom I gathered from years of caring too much about other people’s opinions and reactions to what I did, didn’t do, do or don’t do.

I want her to feel the freedom and deep joy of loving her own decisions so much, that she needs other people to love them less.

This girl (woman) is intelligent, funny, articulate, professional and beautiful. She is a kind person and anyone would be proud to call her a friend. The sort of friend where a secret told is a secret forever and never divulged – not even in pillow talk.

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Blog a Word, NaNoBloPoMo2013, People


Writing for National November Blog Post Month 2013
Social media allows you to mask parts of your personality and show others.
What percentage of yourself do you think you reveal to people online?

Masking parts of who we are (or are not) is not peculiar to social media. Perhaps the main difference is the lack of body language and other human ticks to clue us up earlier as to whom we might really be dealing with.

Eventually, though, who we are must reveal itself – especially in the medium of words. One of the reasons I caution new bloggers to be careful to whom anonymity is important.

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