On Reflection

What is the purpose of education?

I am the product of parenting that believes it is not money that opens doors, but education.

This turned out to be win-win since there wasn’t too much money opening doors, buying colour TVs or plugging in new washing machines when I was growing up, but there was an embarrassment of riches to be had for those who were willing to learn.

This parenting fundamental was even more important given the High School we attended, where coming out with a good education was, as our American brothers and sisters say, a crap shoot. Meaning your chances almost hinged on the roll of a dice.

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On Reflection

Tsunami jokes

In the main, I am not a crusader. I am not a prude. I have my guilty pleasures and ‘guilty laughs’ with the best of them.

And albeit opinionating (and sometimes forcibly) in these pages, I do try to understand rather than judge my fellow human beings. Put myself behind their eyes to try and glimpse the world as perhaps they see it. To do this even when heinous opinions and beliefs butt against my own.

Minutes after hearing the news of the current Tsunami disaster, I admit though to being at an absolute loss as to how jokes could already be circulating around this tragic situation. If not to judge, I suppose the next best thing I can say is…I don’t get it.

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On Reflection

Good grief

I try to do at least one good deed a day.

Take last week. An older (and very grumpy) gentleman pushed in front of me at a restaurant check-out. I chose not to tell him where to go and how to get there but, instead, bought his meal for him. After his astonishment, we get to chatting and it transpires he is recently widowed and had often attended the restaurant with his wife. We now have a friendly exchange when we meet in Tesco or the local high street.

Again, the other day, I was on the bus on my way to town, my headphones plugged into phone listening to the latest podcast of ‘The Archers’. An older lady came onto the bus and, before she sat down next to me, pointed out that my gloves were inconveniently in her way. No problem, I moved them, smiled, and put my headphones back in.

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On Reflection

Has anyone seen my life?

It was here a minute ago. I distinctly remember having it. It was young and carefree and running around with something called disposable income.

Where do I think I might have mislaid it?

Well, I think I last saw it in a trendy London bar having a drink with the man of its dreams.

No, I didn’t lose it then.

Could it be at the theatre?

No, I remember it was still around when I got into the cab.

In the office then?

Let me think…

Linen suits, outrageous heels, fancy lunches, countryside breaks, city breaks and generally strutting around looking fine.

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