Make It Stop!

Customer service still in critical condition

Without wishing to alarm, good customer service cannot yet be taken off life support. And I’m not sure how much longer I can keep the nurses from pulling the tubes and wheeling in the padre for last rites.

No, wait, they’ve found a pulse, but don’t leave the building just yet, Father Michael, will you?

Some customer neglect can, of course, be put down to human frailty. We’re all flawed, we all have off-days – this is easily forgiven. What’s not so palatable is a rash of stupid which shows no signs of letting up. What have I forgiven in the last month or so with a wry smile and a shake of the head? Well, there was the:

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EDP Column, Make It Stop!

Sometimes a school rule is not a feminist attack

A few weeks into the winter term and, as the weather starts to cool, hopefully tempers on some of the hot topics this summer have followed suit – like the school uniform debate and the feminist cause.

Much was made last term of school dress codes being an assault on the rights of girls and young women. That the problem with being scantily dressed in school was less to do with flouting the rules and more typically the problem of boys and teachers’ uncontrollable urges.

This undoubtedly has happened in some instances and is, of course, not to be tolerated. And we also can’t dismiss as any sort of sense the pedantic, frivolous nonsense that saw young girls being sent home on the flimsiest of perceived wardrobe malfunctions.

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Make It Stop!

Why you shouldn’t swear at strangers

In my defence, I don’t often have a car blow its horn millimetres away from my behind. It made me jump. More to the point it made me jump and swear a very rude word at the offending driver as he screeched off. (Yes, mum, I’m sorry, the word was very rude.)

The bit where it started to go really wrong, was when this unmannerly driver backed up to better hear the very rude word I had called him.

We exchanged a few pleasantries, with me explaining I was sick of people driving down our lane at unreasonable-miles-per-hour. It was the “I also live here, luv” which should have alerted me to a future problem.

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Make It Stop!

Opting out of being opted in

It’s not quite a head of steam yet, but it’s certainly at the pursed lips stage when I am constantly having to opt out of things I didn’t opt into.

Businesses and organisations now have a standard where, by virtue of having bought their product(s), we are unknowingly signed up for all sorts of shortlists and circulars and pamphlets and aggressive advertising when we didn’t actually sign any real or virtual dotted line.

This was no more apparent than when I enquired about a bathroom product from a well known DIY company. That day to this, I have been bombarded by emails from similar companies wanting to give me a good grouting. Some days it’s so bad I can’t get to my inbox of restraining orders from Denzel Washington’s people.

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