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International Widows’ Day and BritMumsLive!

Who knew that every 23 June is International Widows’ Day? Not me. And if I were not a widow, my filters, like yours probably, would not have caught onto that fact.

I didn’t really read any further as to what this day entails. Perhaps there’s cake and funeral music to end proceedings at around midnight? Perhaps I’ll find the strength and less sarcastic nature next year to read through any special agenda I should be following.

I know, that sounded bitter, snarky and ungrateful. Here someone has put on a day for me and I can’t even find the good grace to say ‘thank you.’

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BritMums Live!, Conferences

BritMumsLive! – 5 mistakes you’re probably making right now

It is somehow fitting the first time I put fingers to keyboard in over a week it should be the BritMumsLive! Conference Weekend.

This time last year, I was on my way to this brilliant national blogging conference for the first time – armed with Angie, a best friend, and carefully crafted speaking notes I would actually only give a passing nod to when it came my turn.

But that’s the thing about gigs like this isn’t it? You prepare the arse out of the thing for weeks and then nothing goes to plan. A metaphor for life maybe.

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BritMums Live!, Conferences

Crossing the chasm: how to take your blog to that next level

Since I keep getting asked for these notes, I had promised to extract them into a separate post to make searching for them easier. This is me making good on that promise.

The studio discussion panel (from left to right) consisted of Michelle Pannell, Mummy From The Heart, Nickie O’Hara, Typecast (and Panel Chair), Maggy Woodley, Red Ted Art Melinda Fargo, HerMelness Speaks, Jane Blackmore, Northern Mum. 

However, these thoughts are my own and do not necessarily represent that of my fellow panel members.

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BritMums Live!, Conferences

BritMums (A)LIVE! and Kicking 2012

There is not much I can add to the voices who have already articulated so well the phenomenal experience that was the BritMums Live! 2012 conference weekend.

However, if I had to highlight just one thing the BritMums Live! 2012 conference gave me? I would say it gave me a happy reminder for a moment in time of the person I used to be before losing Bronnie. A reminder of the way we used to laugh.

And I came away with the evidence to prove it!

This is Angie. One of my best friends in the whole world who is like a sister to me (yes, we  fight). She is an industry professional, albeit non-blogger, but who also came away having learnt a lot this weekend. Here we are un-learning self-control.

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