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BritMumsLive! – 5 mistakes you’re probably making right now

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It is somehow fitting the first time I put fingers to keyboard in over a week it should be the BritMumsLive! Conference Weekend.

This time last year, I was on my way to this brilliant national blogging conference for the first time – armed with Angie, a best friend, and carefully crafted speaking notes I would actually only give a passing nod to when it came my turn.

But that’s the thing about gigs like this isn’t it? You prepare the arse out of the thing for weeks and then nothing goes to plan. A metaphor for life maybe.

And one of the first things not to go to plan usually is how we will feel on the day and how we will act when we actually get there. The script of ‘What made me think I could walk into a venue of awesome blogging men and women and carry my own blogging shit with panache?’ will come to you unbidden. All made worse when the awesome blogging folk all seem to have their awesome shit going on all of the time.

Don’t be fooled. Everyone is as scared as you. Everyone is wondering what happened to the Twitter friendliness and camaraderie of the night before, hell, even an hour before on the train as the #BritMumLive! Party took to mobile phones and iPads.

1. So the first mistake is believing everyone has their shit together. They don’t. As I tweeted this morning, probably only 1% of the BritMumsLive! Crowd this weekend are 100% confident. And maybe not even that many.

2. People will also seem very unfriendly. Yeah, I said it. But nerves will make us and our faces do some strange things. It’s a defence alternative to sitting in the middle of that elegantly laid out delegates’ room holding ourselves rocking and crying. Second mistake, then, is to assume people don’t want to talk to you. They do. They desperately do. Some are better at communicating that than others. So why don’t you step up and be the brave one. Gulp!

3. We touched on awesome and, certainly, there will be some awesome looking folk around, but you know what? Awesome looking folk do not necessarily churn out awesome blogs. Third mistake, then, is to judge a blogger by it’s cover and assume their witterings are better than yours; that they are not there to learn along with everyone else. At least find out where their blog is at and what their shtick is. You might find out you have more in common than you think.

4. This fourth mistake relates back to the first. If you are a confident delegate, remember back to your first time and look out for those who may be feeling a bit at sea. There are official BritMumsLive! Butterflies (and they do a great job) but even going up to them can be daunting if you are feeling vulnerable. What is the worst that can happen? Someone tells you to piss off and stop stalking them and that they don’t need your help. Man up. You’re the confident one and so can take it.

5. And, lastly, the mistake is to pay all that money to have a great time and then skulk away disappointed you didn’t at least try to make a new friend or acquaintance. Get stuck in, and if it all goes disastrously wrong (which it won’t) you will at least have material for a kick arse blog post when you get back to land normal.

Get stuck in, and when it all goes faaabulously right (which it will) you will have material for a kick arse blog post when you get back to land normal.

In the meantime, I look forward to reading your words post the BritMumsLive! conference. Love, me.

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