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BritMums (A)LIVE! and Kicking 2012

There is not much I can add to the voices who have already articulated so well the phenomenal experience that was the BritMums Live! 2012 conference weekend.

However, if I had to highlight just one thing the BritMums Live! 2012 conference gave me? I would say it gave me a happy reminder for a moment in time of the person I used to be before losing Bronnie. A reminder of the way we used to laugh.

And I came away with the evidence to prove it!

This is Angie. One of my best friends in the whole world who is like a sister to me (yes, we  fight). She is an industry professional, albeit non-blogger, but who also came away having learnt a lot this weekend. Here we are un-learning self-control.

Angie and HerMelness BritMums Live 2012

BritMums, thank you for holding up that mirror in which I glimpsed for two whole days the little bit of me that was.

And speaking of little, there was lots of useful debate about special consideration (or not) for our wonderful Dad bloggers, slickly debated by Tim Atkinson (Bringing Up Charlie), Tom Briggs (Diary of the Dad), Craig Hodgson (Dadzclub), Andy Grant (Dad’s Cooking Tonight), Spencer (SAHD and Proud)but nothing (I repeat, N-O-T-H-I-N-G) about special treatment for short bloggers.

No crate at the podium during the keynote; no special microphone hanging from the ceiling for those of us who couldn’t reach the one especially provided for The Tall Bloggers; no free high heeled wedges on standby; no half-naked waiter in my Goody Bag to take home by way of redress and apology.

HerMelness and WineBuff BritMums Live 2012

So much could have been done to address this oversight. So much.


And dear readers, please do not email in the fact this photograph is fuzzy and below my usual standards. I know. It was just that Angie’s hands were shaking when she took the shot! And yes, it is also telling that you can’t see my left hand in this photograph…but that would definitely be telling!

Finally, then, on to the sensible part of this post. The link at the end of this paragraph are my by-no-means-exhaustive 10 tips on what I look for in a more polished blog. Synopsis: Crossing The Chasm: How To Take Your Blog To That Next Level

As always, any questions, just drop me a note at HerMelness HQ, or shout me out on Social Media…where I should be now personally thanking some awesome and amazing women.

And talking of awesome and amazing women…once again, then, a hip hip hooray for @BritMums who made the tweet below possible.

BritMums Live! 2012 Tweet

HMS HerMelness Speaks……on behalf of short bloggers everywhere.