On Reflection

Blogging good breeding

Waiter and profanity

Objectionable people can be hard to fathom, and I often wonder if it is a question of that old fashioned notion called ‘Good Breeding’.

Well-bred people tend not to pick up mouse and keyboard and send ill-advised notes to another person because they disagree with some little (or big) thing said, yet the common discourtesy bloggers continue to field is often not in very good breeding.

No, I’m not sure that is quite the word I mean, but whenever I look to a synonym, manners, courtesy and being well behaved with our words segues into some nostalgic cloud of good conduct and deportment for me.

Am I a ‘Them’ and ‘Us’ person, separating the world as I do into those who can articulate a thought or critique well and those who can’t?


This is not the same thing for me as not being good with words, we are not all Oxford Dons after all, or even the use of profanity, which can sometimes emphasise a point pretty damn well, thank you. No, more pondering those who indiscriminately feed hurtful words to another with little care or regard as to how those same words will be digested.

I will always struggle, for instance, with a dissertation that begins and ends with ‘Your blog post was shit,’ not because it may not be true, but because a well-bred person would have found a more graceful arrangement of words to make the point.

IS it a question of breeding, though, or am I parading my age with such quaint fancies?

Maybe it is simpler than that…and the world is merely made up of those who are rude and those who are not.

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