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Pennies from heaven…or a big bag of nappies?

Since my column last month, three phenomena happened in Britain:

1. After the 2013 Wimbledon coin toss (after which the outcome traditionally goes a little awry for Team GB), Andy Murray won the thing in straight sets;

2. The Meteorological Office forgot to tell Brits not to spend their pennies on exotic holidays to faraway places, since Britain was going to be hotter than the sun come July; and

3. A woman had a baby.

Of those three, Kate Middleton having a baby boy named Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge came in a clear winner for many. Certainly the case for the 2,013 new mothers who gave birth on the same day as Kate, and who will each be gifted a silver penny from The Royal Mint.

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Don’t say When, because the right answer is Now!

There will be a moment in my daughter’s Graduation Ceremony this month where the names of the graduating students are announced in turn. On hearing their name, each student stands up in silence until all of the class of 2013 has been accounted for.

A sitting audience of family, friends, the student body and visiting dignitaries then watch as the graduating students file out (to thunderous applause) to greet their life beyond the school gates – via the Headmaster’s Garden for drinks!

Invariably, I watch this rite of passage with silent tears streaming down my face.

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