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You can only take five memories with you

On the writing magazine I run, we recently set a writing prompt which has provoked more of an emotional response than any other we have set in the past. The premise is: “You are being shipped to an island, but can only take five memories with you.”

I have sat down several times to tackle this writing prompt but, like many others, soon sit back from the screen realising, “Gosh, this is hard.” I started again this weekend by making a list of every notable moment in my life. These moments currently fill a large notebook, so Lord only knew how I was going to pick only five.

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On Reflection

How losing my house keys may have cured my tendency to be judgmental

You know that saying: “When you hear hooves think horses?” Don’t worry, we’ll come back to it. It does, however, preface a true story, and one that may have cured me of my tendency to be judgmental.

One morning, in a rush, I dashed out the door to the local supermarket with hair uncombed, no make-up and wearing paint splashed jeans. Shopping done, I realised I wouldn’t be able to carry several heavy bags. As I only lived around the corner, I asked the cashier if she’d mind me taking one of the blue wheelie trollies to transport my goodies home. I promised to bring it back the next day.

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EDP Column, Make It Stop!

Sometimes a school rule is not a feminist attack

A few weeks into the winter term and, as the weather starts to cool, hopefully tempers on some of the hot topics this summer have followed suit – like the school uniform debate and the feminist cause.

Much was made last term of school dress codes being an assault on the rights of girls and young women. That the problem with being scantily dressed in school was less to do with flouting the rules and more typically the problem of boys and teachers’ uncontrollable urges.

This undoubtedly has happened in some instances and is, of course, not to be tolerated. And we also can’t dismiss as any sort of sense the pedantic, frivolous nonsense that saw young girls being sent home on the flimsiest of perceived wardrobe malfunctions.

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Hiring and firing decisions based on social media

These are my ruminations (or two penn’th worth) on Post-40 Bloggers’ writing prompt No. 56 – ‘Social Media: The Conflict Between Work and Play.’

The use of social media in hiring and firing decisions gives me pause when used unlawfully and without discretion. This pertains as much to the employer as the employee.

On the one hand, we’re saying lock down social media if you don’t want your employer to know you go home on a Friday night and dress the cat in a négligée and lipstick. The inference being odd behaviour is okay (dating the cat is odd, right?) if no-one knows about it? So are we then punishing people in the workplace for just being plain stupid in not locking down their social media – or taking the moral high ground on how people should behave in their personal lives?

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