On Reflection

Empty nest, moving on and ending a blog

Being of a certain age, I have read a few posts on empty nest syndrome. Typically, this means you have raised children, not killed them in their teenage years, and seen them out of the house as semi or fully functioning adults. Hurrah for us. But given that my children have boarded since young, I knew I would be somewhat immune to the emotional carnage being experienced by my peers. That was until my last child left home for the bright lights of university.

Actually, his turning 18 and leaving home was against a backdrop of me, his mother, falling ill suddenly and being hospitalised (twice). Sure, I understood the momentum of his turning of age and leaving home but, truthfully, I was powerless to care about much outside of surviving two operations so I could continue to be a bother to my children. A job I love.

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Happy anniversary to me

Happy 59th birthday and, of course, 19th wedding anniversary Bronnie. It still makes me laugh that we got married on your birthday. Do you remember I wasn’t going to tell you even? I wish I could remember now who counselled that as fun as it might be for me to give you a surprise wedding, just no. They were right, you always did love the run-up to one of our legendary parties.

And our wedding day was such a great day, wasn’t it. So great most people forget that it rained buckets on that 11th day of June in our English country garden. A slight kicker given we had a panicked day before that the weather was so hot the marquee might melt on our guests. Got to love that English weather.

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My daughter, Morgan, at 21

Not going to lie, I have found it incredibly hard to write this tribute to my daughter, Morgan, on this her 21st birthday. Usually words would have been formed maybe a week beforehand, but here I am at roughly 6:00 am on the day of her birth with a mostly blank screen.

And I don’t know why.

I go to start and the years that have passed since I gave birth to Morgan Cynthia Fargo come crashing down and stifle my words.

Morgan Fargo with Robbie, Tess and HartYes, I could reiterate the beauty of Morgan. Her different and measured way of seeing the world. Her fierce loyalty where she places her love. Her strong sense of family and family ties. The deep love she has for her siblings Robbie, Tess and Hart.

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My cousin, Sara

From the first, Bronnie talked about his cousin Sara as friend, sister, confidante. And although I wasn’t to know it then, Sara and I were one day to become cousins by marriage.

Our first meeting (memory don’t fail me now) was at a restaurant in Boston. Bronnie and I were in the throes of the messy beginnings of our relationship amidst judgement and opinion – some valid, some not, most unsolicited.

This was the background against which I was to meet this doyenne Bronnie so revered.

And what did I know secondhand? Well, I knew Sara was funny, cultural, intelligent, intellectual and creative. She had been a clown for many years and (naturally) a good one. Nicknamed ‘Dilly’ the clown, I knew Sara then interchangeably by her birth name and her stage name. She was later to step out from behind the shield of Dilly and ask to be known by her given name.

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