Gibberish Generation

Accepting a less perfect parenting standard

My parenting standards are high – it’s the execution of those standards that can sometimes let me down. And I am admitting this to give hope, or at least immediate solace, to new or inexperienced parents who set themselves the impossible task of getting it right all the time. Hell, getting it right at any point is where my parenting bar eventually ended up.

It began with breast feeding. For a child no bigger than a half bag of boiled sweets, my first baby girl fed like a blue whale. Blue whales, the largest animals on earth (I think), can apparently eat up to 8 tons of food per day. In a Man vs Food contest, my money would have gone on the little whale constantly attached to my human teet. Bear that in mind for this next bit.

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Gibberish Generation, On Reflection

Expressions of love that bind

My children know not to buy me ‘stuff,’ be it Valentine’s, birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas or anniversaries.

They were broken of the habit the Christmas I discovered a couple of sacks of gifts for them they had not even missed. From that Christmas onwards the children received one gift from me and Bronnie, and friends and family were discouraged from buying them stuff that wasn’t somehow useful or needed. (No, the children did not suffer. Suffering is not having enough food to eat or shoes to walk to school.)

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EDP Column, On Reflection

Table for one near the Gents, please

An agency was set up a few years ago to connect solo female diners with other solo female diners. The not so subtext being that dining alone is a horrific state for a woman to find herself in.

I have always enjoyed dining alone. Admittedly, I haven’t enjoyed the sometimes headache of getting from restaurant door to table without incident. Typically, an empty restaurant which refuses to seat me at one of their numerous vacant tables for four “in case” a group of diners enter the establishment. Yes, some restaurants favour the sensibilities of non-existent diners to the flesh and blood paying customer standing in front of them. Would madame care instead to sit at this table for one near the Gents?

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On Reflection

Childhood memories into adult realities

Reminiscing the other day, it transpires that many of us still harbour slights from childhood that have stuck with us through to today.

There was the woman who bitterly remembers never being able to take the classroom hamster home. Today, she goes to great lengths to prove she is responsible and to be trusted, to a fault. Growing up, then, she never had the fun and abandonment of being young and carefree lest some great task or responsibility came along in the exact moment she was caught doing wotever. Stealing her mother’s perfume, kissing some unsavoury boy, or inventing cigarettes made out of talcum powder were, therefore, never on her radar.

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