Gibberish Generation


For someone who is not easily surprised or taken in, today I was surprised and easily taken in.

My daughter rings me at work gushing the news that her older brother has announced his engagement on Facebook, and wasn’t that great Mum?

No, it wasn’t great as evidenced by the head of steam I had built up in the time it took me to stab out her brother’s mobile number. Damn it, answering machine.

To leave a rude message or not to leave a rude message?

“Hey, you, I just received some messed up message from your sister that you’ve announced your engagement on Facebook. I told her she must be mistaken, cos’ no way you would do anything of the kind without letting me know beforehand.”

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Blog a Word


I believe it was one of my Algonquin idols, Dorothy Parker, who said:

“That woman speaks eighteen languages, and can’t say ‘No’ in any of them.”

How many languages do you speak and are you able to say ‘No’ in at least one of them?

Thought so.

Many people have trouble saying no. I did.

And one of the funny things about people who have trouble saying ‘No’ is that we have no trouble with people saying ‘No’ to us. I wonder why, then, we feel we will be judged harshly if we tell people to please just go away?

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Blog a Word, Life, NaNoBloPoMo2013


12-Nov-13: Writing for National November Blog Post Month 2013
What is your favourite season?

Whilst Spring is often seen as a gently awakening month comparable to youth, I see it as something quite fierce and determined which speaks of age.

Age, the wisdom of age and the attendant knowledge that Spring will always arrive and do its bit in preparation for the other seasons. That speaks of a determined mother, perhaps, getting things ready for her children to bloom later on.

Determination also, because Spring once manifested itself to me in the dead of Winter. Not a warm Winter, but Winter Winter. I remember seeing a usually frail bulb poking its head up on a firm green stalk of a neck in the deepest snow well before it was due out. That was a stop moment.

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