About ‘Us’

Am I on yet?
Am I on yet? This bio is written in the third person as a favour to my children so they won’t have to worry about word tense and other grammar nonsense when I die. They can just cut and paste.

Hark! I am now writing at What Mel Did. The reason for that can be found in my last post as HerMelness – Empty Nest and Moving On. Join me in my new writing space where we can continue to laugh and cry together.


Melinda first came to social media attention via the wonderfully intelligent and witty posts on her stylish blog – HerMelness Speaks…Out. The blog was born after the sudden death of her beloved husband, Bronson Hart Fargo Jr. Writing became the place where she could continue to be the woman he married and pretend she had not died along with him. This is the place the many voices in Melinda’s heads (sic!) come to play and be heard.

After the departure from home of her last child, Melinda started a new personal blog entitled What Mel Did to reflect her changing reality and to have a place to ‘just write.’ She describes this new space as full of ‘sincerity and sarcasm!’

Melinda has since been featured on many notable writing and blogging platforms on and offline. This includes being talent spotted and enlisted as a monthly columnist for the UK’s largest regional newspaper, The Eastern Daily Press.

Melinda is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the news and editorial website, Post-40 Bloggers, which features and publicises the work of talented bloggers and writers aged 40+.

Melinda remains a widow, is a project management professional, and is parenting four young people to their best lives. Melinda will marry Denzel Washington after the sudden and unexpected disappearance of any of his wives.

Where to find her: