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12 steps to a better ‘To Do’ list

To do list

If you are anything like me (OCD tendencies with mild psychotic leanings), you like order and a set way of doing things. You like the ‘To Do’ list.

I like The To Do list so much that if I achieve something that wasn’t on the To Do list, I will write it on the To Do List in order to tick it off the To Do list. I’m not so crazy as to write it on the To Do list, do the task all over again, THEN tick it off the To Do list. That would be ultra crazy madness… wouldn’t it?

But I kinda, sorta, maybe, perhaps realised the To Do list thing was out of hand when I read my latest list entry.

Task: Finish writing the To Do list.

I know.

This was the task that finally made me face up to my addiction which, as I understand it, is anything which interrupts the normal flow of a non-crazy life. Today, then, I unleashed my power, took control and revolutionised the way I think about the To Do List. You can too.

I first took my To Do list, placed it carefully in the bin and replaced it with 12 lists:

  1. Things I know need doing, but I can’t be asked to do them.
  2. Things I might do if I can be asked.
  3. Things I should do because it will make me look bad if I don’t do them.
  4. Things I want to do if I can get out of the things I should do.
  5. Things I might do on a clear day in hell.
  6. Things I will never achieve but which look damned good on a To Do list.
  7. Things I will be putting on someone else’s To Do list.
  8. Things I must remember to do as I told someone important I had already done them.
  9. Things I will never admit to having done.
  10. Things other people have done and should die for.
  11. Things I will definitely do today if I win the lottery.
  12. Things I will definitely do this week… maybe.