Here comes The Sun and women deciding what’s breast for them

Topless page 3 model

Earlier this week it was widely reported that The Sun newspaper had dropped their 44-year run of featuring a topless woman on page 3 of their tabloid. And whilst I have not kept that, er, abreast of page 3 doings, I understand a pair of them were again gracing The Sun’s page 3 in a recent […]

Happy new now

Champagne, clock, new year

I wonder if we cling to resolutions at the start of a year in order to try and pin down some certainty in an uncertain and increasingly frightening world. A time in the future when we will be all we want to be and exactly where we want to be being the very best versions […]

Five years

Bronson Hart Fargo Jr

Today is the anniversary of Bronnie’s death – five years. I am not working today and spending the day with one of my daughters. I tried to explain to a colleague this week, that I do not mark this day to be sad necessarily, but to take time to stop for a moment to respect someone […]