One hand on the keyboard and one foot in the grave?

Old man typing on retro typewriter

Computer shops routinely run classes for the older generation who want to learn how to use their new computer equipment effectively. I was witness to such a class last week. It was painful to watch. The class consisted of one elderly gentleman and his young, more technically un-challenged adult son. Whilst the teacher guided his [...]

After GCSE exam results, there’s one thing I know for sure

Plan C and what I know for sure

When we were 15 or 16 it was hard to imagine we could feel any worse than when preparing for exams, sitting them, then living through a long Summer to the eventual big day of exam results. Then off we would traipse to the school with our shiny anticipation, convincing ourselves en route that talking to our [...]

What’s your favourite thing in your house?

Bronnie desk

Having downsized from a large farmhouse to a small City apartment, I was ruthless in deciding that anything through the door had to serve a purpose. (It was touch and go whether the kids would be allowed to stay when down from school or University). So, aside from my young people when they’re here, my [...]

A question of trust

Distrust - trust

I am a loyal friend. When you have my trust there is very little I would not do for you or help you with if it is within my gift. And it’s not a one-shot deal (ie: let me down and it’s, over), but because of some still entrenched deep betrayals, something inside of me [...]

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