Real love is not like the movies

Dead roses in vase

Real love doesn’t have to look like the movies, and we can come away from the love we see in movies and hold our relationships up to that same mirror. Little wonder, then, that so many Valentine’s Days end in tears and recrimination. Frankly, I’d be hard pushed to remember a Valentine’s Day Bronnie got […]

Here comes The Sun and women deciding what’s breast for them

Topless page 3 model

Earlier this week it was widely reported that The Sun newspaper had dropped their 44-year run of featuring a topless woman on page 3 of their tabloid. And whilst I have not kept that, er, abreast of page 3 doings, I understand a pair of them were again gracing The Sun’s page 3 in a recent […]

Happy new now

Champagne, clock, new year

I wonder if we cling to resolutions at the start of a year in order to try and pin down some certainty in an uncertain and increasingly frightening world. A time in the future when we will be all we want to be and exactly where we want to be being the very best versions […]