Doctor Who?

Doctor Who

One of my daughters and a close friend will be with me at the hospital tomorrow when I go in for my breast cancer operation. The daughter who doesn’t appreciate my gallows humour of late so I’ll have to be careful with the repartee. Although said daughter did give me the belly laugh of today […]

Whose banana could you inscribe on World Kindness Day?

Inscribed banana

Next week, Thursday 13th November, is World Kindness Day. Yes, there is a World Kindness Day. I know!! And this was a good time for me to know such a day existed since I had been having a few ‘Meh’ days when my son lightened the load with a very small act. I was rushing through the door one […]

Why you gotta be so rude?

Rude mobile phone dinner

On early morning Twitter yesterday we were debating politeness as a possibly dying art. Wondering if it was our ageing sensibilities or whether people were genuinely less polite to each other. Politeness for all seasons? Incidentally, have you noticed early morning Twitter is by far the best time to have polite, disagreements and debates? If […]