Why you shouldn’t swear at strangers


In my defence I don’t often have a car blow its horn millimetres away from my behind. It made me jump. More to the point it made me jump and swear a very rude word at the offending driver as he screeched off. (Yes, mum, I’m sorry, the word was very rude.) The bit where […]

Apprenticeships no longer ugly sister to university degrees

Young female apprentice in science lab

During this exam and graduation season, many of us will be doing our best to either steer our young people through what can be a difficult time – or rocking gently in the bathroom until the pain goes away. That said, our stress levels can be nothing compared to young people asked to start thinking […]

11th June – How we met (maybe)

Bronson Hart Fargo Jr, and Melinda

Bronnie and I would have been married 18 years today and, since we got married on his birthday, Bronnie would also have been aged 58. And what I am remembering today this 11th June 2015 is how much Bronnie and I loved to laugh together. As a couple, we were not particularly more loved up […]