On Reflection

Table for one near the Gents, please

An agency was set up a few years ago to connect solo female diners with other solo female diners. The not so subtext being that dining alone is a horrific state for a woman to find herself in.

I have always enjoyed dining alone. Admittedly, I haven’t enjoyed the sometimes headache of getting from restaurant door to table without incident. … Continue reading

On Reflection

Childhood memories into adult realities

Reminiscing the other day, it transpires that many of us still harbour slights from childhood that have stuck with us through to today.

There was the woman who bitterly remembers never being able to take the classroom hamster home. Today, she goes to great lengths to prove she is responsible and to be trusted, to a fault. Growing up, then, … Continue reading

On Reflection

Short shrift for the long goodbye

The Christmas holidays finally came to an end today at Chez Team Fargo. My son was put onto public transport early this evening and shunted back to Cambridge until the next school holiday rolls around. And, boy, has it been a long and tedious day. Not because my son is under the age of reasoning (ie: under 40), but more … Continue reading

Black Widow Chronicles, On Reflection

On traditions and letting go

Bronnie loved traditions. From Thanksgiving being celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November – and not the following weekend when it would be waaay more convenient – to dusting off the eclectic mix of miniature toys we’d hang on the Christmas tree each year. To watching ‘The Muppets Christmas Carol’ movie every Christmas Eve afternoon to the reading of ‘Night Continue reading