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A good news, bad news, better news sort of day

Couple watching sunset from beach chairs on the beach

Some of us recently received an unexpected windfall from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. (Thank you, Ma’am.) One lucky couple immediately squirrelled the money away. They started a fund so they could see the husband’s much-loved sister and her family in Australia in 2016. Brother and sister have not seen each other for over 10 years, and the […]

No matter how old they get, parenting remains a scary business

Morgan a day old

This post was inspired by insightful blogger, Michelle Pannell, who blogs at Mummy From The Heart. In her post, ‘What is your child sharing online,’ the question occurred to me whether there would be a time we could be free from worrying about the kids’ welfare. You know, when we could actually, maybe, sort of, perhaps take […]

My friend, Jinny

Jinny Hastings

I first met Jinny when I was a young woman, through a flurry of fury and tears as my disappointments and hurts were being hurled into a surprised suitcase on a stone wall terrace. Vowing never to return to my future husband’s family home, her sturdily built frame strolled up the driveway and cast an […]