Is excess robbing children of the gift of expectation?

Expectant child

Growing up, the ‘naughty or nice’ mantra would kick in around late November for us kids, when we would make a concerted effort to at least think about our behaviour. Think hard if we expected a half-decent Christmas. Now children know no matter what they do or how badly they behave, they are guaranteed their heart’s […]

Trying to find the thanks in Thanksgiving

Family dinner

This will be the first Thanksgiving I have spent alone. And before anyone thinks about jumping in their car to come and relieve any perceived suffering, I don’t mean alone in that walk around the apartment in your son’s boxer shorts snorting Cherry Garcia ice-cream kind of way. (Not that I’ve done that.) And there […]

Doctor Who?

Doctor Who

One of my daughters and a close friend will be with me at the hospital tomorrow when I go in for my breast cancer operation. The daughter who doesn’t appreciate my gallows humour of late so I’ll have to be careful with the repartee. Although said daughter did give me the belly laugh of today […]