In praise of the unplanned life

Birthday candles

There are two types of holiday people. Those who stay to the 11th hour, squeezing every moment of fun out of their two weeks, get back home on the Sunday night and go to work on the Monday morning. Then there are those of us who enjoy our break no less but arrive back home […]

Technically speaking

Internal server error

I know, I know, it’s been a while, but now that I am out from under election fever, I’m back in the room – unlike some former members of parliament. But I’m not musing on politics today, but rather musing on whether it was politic to tell my website host to do one whilst still […]

National Gallery getting stick for banning Selfie Stick

Family and Selfie Stick

After getting over my initial disappointment of what a Selfie Stick should actually be used for, I was not disappointed to learn today that The National Gallery has banned their use. For those of you not as hip and groovy as me, a Selfie Stick is a photographic device (a stick) which allows you to […]