Silent Sunday 113

Silent Sunday 113

Airport police, big guns and Doreen

Airport police

Finally got through airport security and now sat hiding in plain sight people watching. A people watcher, in an airport, with a laptop to hand. Pig. In. Shit. or what? Although I’m still reeling a little from the ‘pat down’ Doreen just gave me. This woman was so up close and personal, she was practically [...]

Silent Sunday 112

Silent Sunday 112

A question of legacy: looking forward to looking back


As reading material goes, I’m not big on biographies or memoirs. I suppose these missives can be an accurate record of someone’s life, loves and losses but, intellectually, I always wonder. Wonder how much of the material is geared to the need to sell to appease market forces, editors and publishers. How much of a published [...]

Opting out of being opted in

Signing the dotted line

It’s not quite a head of steam yet, but it’s certainly at the pursed lips stage when I am constantly having to opt out of things I didn’t opt into. Businesses and organisations now have a standard where, by virtue of having bought their product(s), we are unknowingly signed up for all sorts of shortlists and [...]

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