Airport police, big guns and Doreen

Airport police

Finally got through airport security and now sat hiding in plain sight people watching. A people watcher, in an airport, with a laptop to hand. Pig. In. Shit. or what? Although I’m still reeling a little from the ‘pat down’ Doreen just gave me. This woman was so up close and personal, she was practically [...]

Silent Sunday 112

Silent Sunday 112

A question of legacy: looking forward to looking back


As reading material goes, I’m not big on biographies or memoirs. I suppose these missives can be an accurate record of someone’s life, loves and losses but, intellectually, I always wonder. Wonder how much of the material is geared to the need to sell to appease market forces, editors and publishers. How much of a published [...]

Opting out of being opted in

Signing the dotted line

It’s not quite a head of steam yet, but it’s certainly at the pursed lips stage when I am constantly having to opt out of things I didn’t opt into. Businesses and organisations now have a standard where, by virtue of having bought their product(s), we are unknowingly signed up for all sorts of shortlists and [...]

Life does not begin at forty, but it doesn’t end there either (#Post40Bloggers)

Forty plus blackboard

In our youth obsessed culture, straplines like ‘Life begins at 40’ and similar are understandable (inevitable?). Although if life did begin at 40 there would be some mangled vaginas on that thar’ maternity ward birthing 40-year old heads all over the shop. Brings water to the eyes, dunnit? And when I was younger and gonna live [...]

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